a bit about us
Francie's is a neighbourhood pizzeria located on Griffith Street in Coolangatta
Francie's is a walk-in-only restaurant,
so you can just come on in whenever you feel like pizza!
We are open 7 days from 5pm - 9pm
and until 9.30pm on Friday's and Saturday's.
We are a licensed venue, no need to bring your own.
We sell tap beer, wine, and spirits.
set  menu
Let us do the ordering for you!
$35 per person
Just sit back, relax and we'll bring you a variety of our favourite dishes. 
This is the perfect option for bigger groups - as the kitchen is small we always want groups of
5+ to share all food as it will always come out from the kitchen staggered. 
francie's pizzeria
shop 2/102 griffith street, coolangatta  qld
TEXT : 0411  415  554
call: 07  5607    0282
email: info@francies.com.au