1. You cannot reserve a table under any circumstances.

2. You CAN walk in and be seated at a table by our staff

    during our service hours (5pm - 9pm)

3. "What if all the tables are full when I arrive?"

     Look for our waitlist board - here you can write down your name, contact number and amount of       dining guests.

     WHEN we have a table available for your party size we will call your contact number and alert           you that your table is almost ready. You may now start your dining experience.

4. "But how long do I have to wait?"

     We can NEVER give you an exact time, even estimates are hard to know.

     Only once a table becomes vacant can we sit another party down.

     Our capacity doesn't change when more people show up - so we can't control how long you will       be on the waitlist for.

     Sometimes it's over an hour - just make sure you are happy to wait until there is a table

     available to you. Please don't abuse our staff because you have been waiting a long time, it is           completely up to you if you would like to go on the waitlist or not.

5. Your WHOLE party needs to be present in order to be seated at a table, no table hogging.