If you are passionate about food and wine, love the hospitality industry and are consistent and hard working, we want to hear from you.

At Francie’s we make authentically prepared hand made, artisan-style pizza, with meticulous attention to the process and products we use. We are truly passionate about what we do and what we're trying to achieve.


Francie’s Pizzeria is a family owned and run business. We pursue to evoke a homely, comfortable feeling in our restaurant for both customers and staff. It is a small venue so it is important to us that all of the staff get along, help each other out, work hard and have a great time doing it together.  



include your resume, job history, contact information, a bit about yourself and why you want to work at francies :)


current positions available:

Front of house shift supervisor - full time

  •  helping to maintain the daily running of francie's (shift management, stock, maintenance)

experienced pizziolo - full time

  •  pizziolo and kitchen experience required, making pizzas during service hours, kitchen prep, general cleaning and maintenance of area and equipment

francie's pizzeria
shop 2/102 griffith street, coolangatta  qld
TEXT : 0411  415  554
Phone: 07 5607 0282
email: info@francies.com.au